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XCMG XT992 Wheel Loader under mine use

XCMG XT992 Wheel Loader under mine use

XCMG XT992 Wheel Loader under mine use


XCMG XT992 Wheel Loader under mine use
XT992 wheel loader gets improved in terms of its power system, frame assembly, hydraulic system, working mechanism and out-looking shape, by which greatly improves the machine performance in the aspects of machine technical data, performance reliability, operation comfort and working efficiency. The XT992 wheel loader, which is mainly used to load and unload the materials in bulk and also suitable for the performance of soil shoveling, spading, lifting and towing etc., is a high-efficiency and multi-purposes construction machine.
 Known YC6108G engine is adopted as its power system with advanced performance and high reliability.
 Adopting fixed-shaft-type gearbox for power gearing, which is geared stably in terms of four gears forward and two gears reverse..
 Radiation system is improved by enlarging the fan and water tank area, which will better the machine radiation performance.
 The machine with the mechanism of front driving axle rigid connection and rear axle swinging is suitable to different terrain condition; the machine is of four-wheel drive with rational axle load distribution and powerful traction ability.
 The front and rear frame structure have been optimized designing, which improves structure strength and rigidity of the frame and working mechanism, so as to increase the unloading height, which, being as the result, effectively meets the application requirement under the extremely tough working condition, such as: in mining area. Key articulated joints are dust-proof sealed, with enclosed lubrication, which will prolong the service life of bearings and shaft sleeves.
 The optimized designing bucket, the thicken cutting edge and the strengthened bucket teeth greatly improves strength and wear-resistance of the bucket, which prolongs the life of the bucket,
 The optimized designing hydraulic system increases the working pressure up to 15MPa, enlarges the break-out force of the machine and shortens the total cycling time, by which to better the working efficiency.
 Full hydraulic steering system makes the machine turning agilely and comfortably. The more rational axle load distribution enlarges the wheelbase of the driving wheel, by which improving the traction and reliability performance of the machine.
 There are many options for attachments and bucket to apply for different working situation, e.g. clamps, side-dumping buckets, straw pickers and siding forks.

Unit XCMG XT992 Wheel Loader under mine use
Raising time s
Total cycling time s
Max. drawing force kN
Articulation angle ' 35
Min. turn radius mm
Climb ability ' 28
Wheel base mm 2750
Tread mm 1776
Traveling 1st(F) 10 6
speed 2nd(F) 16 24
1st(R) 14 6
2nd(R) 25 24
3rd 21
4th 35
Engine Model YC6108G
Rated power kW 92
Rated speed r/min 2300
Operating weight kg 10000
Tyres 17.5-25
Bucket capacity m 3 1.7
Rated load kg 3000
Dumping clearance mm 3000
Dumping reach mm 1100
Max. breakout force kN 90
L*W*H mm 7250*2400*2750

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