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TG1454/FT1454 Foton Tractor

TG1454/FT1454 Foton Tractor

With engine power 145hp, 4x4 wheel drive(4WD)
Main Specifiction:
Tractor Model TG1454 Tractor/Foton1454 Tractor/FT1454 Tractor
Drive type 4x4
Type of the engine Six-cylinder,Turbocharge,lnner cooling
Max.Torque (N.m)@speed(rpm) ≥575@(1500-1700)
Displacement(L) 6.6
Capacity of fuel tank (L/Gal) 320/(70.4)
Engine power at rated speed KW@rpm 106.2@2400
POT power at rated speed KW@rpm 91.0@2400
Clutch Dry,Dual-stage type
POT speed (rpm) 540/1000
Gearshift 16+16
Way of gear shifting Synchromesh or meshing sleeve
Hydraulic system 
Hydraulic out put flow(L/min) 82
Hydraulic out put valve 3-Way
Three-point linkage 
Category of 3-point Link Category Ⅱ or Category Ⅲ
Lifting capacity(at point of 610 mm))KN ≥35
Lifting capacity(origin)KN ≥51.94
Technical parameter 
Dimension(LxWxH)mm 5350x3430x3080
Curb weight(kg) 7960
Wheelbase(mm) 2688
Track base(mm)Front wheel Carraro:1900
Track base(mm)Rear wheel 1850(1680-2380)
The smallest clearance (mm) 450
Front Tires 14.9-28
Rear Tires 18.4-38(Twin wheel)
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