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T100G Mini Crawler Bulldozer with engine power 100hp

T100G Mini Crawler Bulldozer with engine power 100hp

T100G Mini Crawler Bulldozer with engine power 100hp

The model of bulldozer adopts the energy efficiency improved, low-pollution, high-efficiency and low-consumption diesel engine, which is manufactured by using the British Ricardo. and is big in power and low in noise. The main clutch is of the two-plate dry constantly-engaged type, which carries a brake. The gearbox adopts the 4F+2R fixed-spindle mechanical gear-shifting transmission system. The earth-pushing shovel can be either straight blade or angle blade, and additional blades of other kinds may be installed on the demands of the user. The driver’s cab is welded from formed steel, which is strong in strength, impact resistant, and outstanding in protection. The bulldozer adopts the hydraulic power-assisted steering mechanism, which is flexible and laborsaving in operation. The complete machine is high in its reliability, powerful in its traction force (can tow a supporting 6m3 carry scraper), advanced in its economic indicators, sound in its structure, and convenient in its repair and maintenance.


1) Engine: choose the pressure rising engine produced with British Ricardo joint-venture technology, lower oil consumption, stronger torsion.
2) Master clutch: choose dry, double piece and constant combining clutch.
3) Gearbox: choose 4F+2R mechanical gearbox.
4) Turning clutch: choose dry and multi-piece turning clutch, manually operating with hydraulic pressure.
5) Transmission: choose two classes, straight teeth, big modulus gear transmission.
6) Work device: many kinds of work device are chosen for users according to requirements.
7) Operating environment: choose fully completed close, low noise cab.
8) Electric system is characterized by electronic monitor.
9) Reliably using, conveniently maintaining, spare parts are easily purchased.

Machine parameters
Total weight 10400 kg
Max. traction force 81 k N
Track width 450 mm
Average specific ground pressure 54.5 KPa
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 4190x2985x2982 mm
Max lifting height of bulldozer 830 mm
Twing equipment/Scar fier(optional) Fixed/3-knise ripper
Diesel engine
Model LR6A3-23
Rated power 73.5 kW
Rated rotational speed 2300 r/min
Specific fuel consumption ≤242 g/kW.h
Max. torque 400 N.m
Traveling speed
Four forward gears 2.6-10.4 km/h
Two reverse gears 3.1-6.7km/h
Shovel blade parameters
Overall width 2985 mm
Overall height 960 mm
Max in-soil depth of bulldozer shovel 350 mm

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 1 unit per 40`HQ container


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