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RSC45-5(M) Reach Stacker

RSC45-5(M) Reach Stacker

RSC45-5(M) Reach Stacker


Model:  Reach Stacker:  RSC45-5(M) Reach Stacker

Main Features
It is a full electric control and high quality engine with strong power, high efficiency, economical energy, low noise and low displacement;
The high quality gear box can automatically gear and shift, can anti-reversion forward and backward, can stably drive, and with low noise and be free of maintenance;
The heavy load driving axle can lubricate and cool independently;
The imported multi-functional heavy box swing lifting tool makes the lifting be convenient, safe and reliable;
The hydraulic system, adopting the technology of the load detection with turning preference function and the flux magnification, brings easy and flexible operation, and high working efficiency. The system produces less heat and low noise, and is precise in control and stable in turning;
The cab and balance weight employs the patented drive movement technology;
The graphics context LCD displays all the working parameters, and indicates the malfunctions and alarm information. The machine has multiple automatic protection system.

Technical Parameters

Overall dimension
11230 mm
4130 mm
4780 mm
Loading capacity
The 1st row
Load center: 1965mm
The 1st row
Floor 1-4: 45000 kg
The 1st row
Floor 5: 43000 kg
The 2nd row
Load center: 3815mm
The 2nd row
Floor 1-4: 31000 kg
The 3rd row
Load center: 6315mm
The 3rd row
Floor 1-3: 15000 kg
In-line 6 cylinders, 4 strokes, central water cooled, turbo charged, electro-injection
Control mode
EDC III full electric control system of CAN trunk
Rated power
256 kW/2100 r/min
Rated torque
1751 Nm/1200 r/min
Tail gas discharge standard
Euro II
Average oil consumption ratio
197 g/kW.h
Gear shifting box
CLARK 15.5HR36432
Gearing mode
4 gears for front and rear respectively
Driving axle
Traveling brake
Multi-sheet wet brake
Parking brake
Disk type brake of spring brake and hydraulic release
Max. static axle load
1500 kN
Lifting tool
Rotary angle
+105 /-195
Side movement distance
+800/-800 mm
Max. load-bearing
45000 kg
Available scope
ISC 20'-40'
Lifting object
Overall mass
69500 kg
Max. hoisting height
15100 mm
7070 mm
Max. hoisting speed (non-load/full load)
420/250 mm/s
Max. traveling speed (non-load/full load)
25/21 km/h
Max. approaching speed (non-load/full load)
360/360 mm/s
Gradeability (non-load/full load)
39/32 %
Max. tractive force
360 kN
Min. turning radius
8000 mm
Steering mode
Servo-aid turning
Wheel base
6000 mm
Min. clearance
350 mm
Traveling speed
1st gear
3.6 km/h
2nd gear
8.6 km/h
3rd gear
14.8 km/h
4th gear
25 km/h
Noisy level at cab
<72 dB
Temperature of cab
15-25 0C
Lubrication mode
Concentrated lubrication
Working pressure of hydraulic system
23 MPa
Total discharge capacity of hydraulic system
240 ml/r

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