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RP956 Multi-Fuction Asphalt Paver

RP956 Multi-Fuction Asphalt Paver

RP956 Multi-Fuction Asphalt Paver

RP956 Intelligence Asphalt Concrete Paver
New generation RP956 intelligentized asphalt concrete paver is a construction machine widely used for the pacing project on the road base and surface for highway with carious kinds of material result from the top hi-tech integration, the stable reliability and the perfect performance. Developed with techniques of the state project of 863 named CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY OF INTELLIGENTIZED MACHINES GROUP and the international cooperation projects of intelligent paver, it has high working performance, quality, and can be easily controlled by the modern net of communication, information and micro electric techniques used in paver field for the first time. The humanized design and optimized international components supplying ensure the product with the high technical performance and the top quality level in the world depending on the strong and reliable quality control system of XCMG..  
Main Features:
l        Utilizing the top techniques involving the new-typed digital-control system, CAN-BUS and GPS, the paver could be operated hyper-automatically and has advantages of high reliability.
l        It has a good human-machine interface that the large screen displays carious parameters and the touch keys control all the performance of the machine control panel could be amounted either on right or left side. l        Adopted with an advanced, mature, reliable and powerful DEUTZ BF6M1013E diesel engine
l        The fixed three-in-one strong-power thermal exchanger discharges the heat compulsively and concentrative, so the paver can operate continuously under the condition of 50 degree centigrade.
l        Driving system with dual control for the right and left tracks separately and the automatic-computer-control technology ensure the pacing speed constantly.
l        Four sets of separate full hydraulic transmissions are adopted in the conveyor-auger system both on the right and left sides, and the ultra sonic sensor technology controls material level constantly.
l        Material augers can move up and down expediently to adapt different paving thickness and eliminate material segregation.
l        Screed are adopted with technology of dual temper bars and eccentric vibrating and electric-heating to gain the highest pre-compacted density.
l        Conveyor bottom plates, distributing augers, and screed bottom plates are made of high wearing-resistant alloy and imported wearing-resistant material to prolong the service life.
l        Multi-polar hopper cylinder is adopted to enlarge hopper folding angle and discharge materials thoroughly. Front tumbling structure hopper is to prevent material spilling during hopper tumbling, which has obtained national patent (patent number ZL03219820.5).
l        Mobile and contact-less ultra sensor auto-leveling reference beam could be available as a standard configuration to improve the pavement quality.

Main Technical Parameter

Item Unit  Parameter
Basic Working Width m 3
Max Working Width m 9.5(Machine PHE)
Max Paving Thickness mm 350
Paving Speed m/min 0~18
Traveling Speed km/h 0~2.2
Theoretical Productivity t/h 700
Hopper Capacity t 14
Gradient Ability % 20
Smoothness mm/3m 2
Slope Leveling Tolerance % 0.02
Engine Type   BF6M1013E
Rated Output kw 137
Speed rpm 2300
Tank Capacity L 270
Generator Power kw 28
Weight t 21.3~28.6
Overall Dimension mm 6731*3000*3850

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