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RP701L Asphalt Paver

RP701L Asphalt Paver

RP701L Asphalt Paver

RP701L are elaborately designed with advanced VOGELE pave technology .It uses world advanced techniques: fully hydraulic driven, constant velocity and automatic control system. Centralized lubricating system. Electric-heating system and the conveyor and auger could be adjusted manually or automatically. The working width is from 2.5m to 7m; the paving thickness could be infinitely adjusted from 0-300m. All the control components are on the control board that can be movable to right and left side. With the main switch and advanced automatic leaving system, this type of pave has high automation, easy and convenient operation, good quality and high efficiency
 * It could be widely used on paving for base and surface for road, airport , causeway, port, square and an ideal equipment for working with asphalt concrete.

Main Technical Parameter

Item Unit  Parameter
Basic Working Width m 2.5
Max Working Width m 7
Max Paving Thickness mm 300
Paving Speed m/min 0~18
Traveling Speed km/h 0~18
Theoretical Productivity t/h 400
Gradient Ability % 20(paving shift)
Hopper Capacity t 13
Smoothness mm/3m 3
Slope Leveling Tolerance % 0.02
Crown Adjust % 0~+3
Tamper revolution r/min 0~1500
Tamper Amplitude mm 4
Engine Type   D4114ZG2B (Shangchai)
Rated power kw 100
Speed rpm 2400
Weight t 15.3~19
Overall Dimension mm 6096*2580*3832

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