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RP701J Multi-Fuction Asphalt Paver

RP701J Multi-Fuction Asphalt Paver

RP701J Multi-Fuction Asphalt Paver

701J Multi Function Asphalt Concrete Paver
The multi-functional RO701J asphalt concrete paver is developed to meet the requirement of large quantities of pavement and diverse process techniques in domestic construction. It is a high-performance road construction machine especially for the HMA and the stabilized material laying. With the high prosperities as hydraulic-extension gas-heated screed, mechanic driving for traveling and material feeding, electric-controlled apparatus, the application of automatic material level sensors, it can be used ideally for base pavement with stabilized material, mixture of lime, coal ash, cement, crushed stones and surface pavement with asphalt mixed material, ect. And for roads, packing lot, square ect.  
Main features:
l        With water-cooled, turbo-charged engine, typed YC6108G, made by Yuchai Engine Group, the strong power, high reliability, high anti-heat performance, power compensation for tableland area make it widely used.
l        Large capacity clutch typed EQ1141G and automobile gear-box both made by DONGFENG automobile group make the adequate torque storage of transmission system.
l        The parts that could be easily worm such as auger blades and bottom plate of conveyor system and the screed are made of imported anti-friction materials.
l        Reasonable structure arrangement, large contact surface of the crawler system ensure the safe and reliable work even at the hard work conditions.
l        Central lubrication system supply the lubricant to the bearings of high temperature parts, lessen the work of maintenance.
l        Automatic material conveying and spreading give the equality of material supply.
l        Auto-leveling system consists of two grade sensors and one slope sensor improves the pavement smoothness.

Main Technical Parameter

Item Unit  Parameter
Basic Working Width m 3
Max Working Width m 7
Max Paving Thickness mm 300
Paving Speed m/min 2.0~5.98
Traveling Speed km/h 1.52~4.55
Theoretical Productivity t/h 400
Hopper Capacity t 13
Gradient Ability % 20
Smoothness mm/3m 3
Slop leveling tolerance % 0.03
Crown adjust % 0~+3
Tamper revolution r/min 0~1500
Tamper Amplitude mm 4/8
Engine Type   YC6108G
Rated power kw 92
Rated revolution rpm 2300
Weight t 16~19
Overall Dimension mm 6136*2580(3000)*3880

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