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RP451L Asphalt Paver

RP451L Asphalt Paver

RP451L Asphalt Paver

RP451L Asphalt Concrete Paver
As the smallest full-hydro-driving made in China, RP451L utilizes the techniques as follows: four-wheel driving, hydro-electric proportional infinite displacement, automatic-leveling system, automatic-controlled conveyors & augers, and gas-heated hydro-extendable screed with width range from 2.0m to 4.5m, etc. With the high performance price ratio and super excellent agility, RP451L paver is the most perfect choice in various road construction, especially suitable for the urban zone, the city planning road way and the netted country pavement.  
Main Features:
l        As a miniaturized machine with 2.0m of the super narrow complete width and paving width, RP451L paver is satisfied to the requirement of urban zones and laneways.
l        Configured with Shanghai 4JR3G1 water-cooling diesel engine powered 55kw, the paver can be used in the west high altitude area due to its wide-range adaptability in altiplano and its adequate power reserve.
l        The four-wheel driving and full hydraulic infinite displacements ensure the machine operated automatically, simply and promptly.
l        The each side of conveyors and augers can be separately controlled automatically via the mixture level sensors both on the right and left.
l        The main switch of electric system realizes that only one switch point leveling system. Therefore the operation is convenient and the smoothness can be improved efficiently.
l        The well-know imported hydro-electric units keep the paver's stability and convenient maintenance. l        The hydraulic extensible screed has the advantage in the construction of the laneway with variational width in the city, it's vibration frequency can be adjusted infinitely and its paving width ranges from 2.0m to 4.5m conveniently.
l        The automatic leveling system can accurately control the tolerance of longitudinal smoothness to 2mm/3m and the sensitivity of transverse slope to 2/10000 at the top of the criteria of highways.
l        The paver can hold up hopper sides wholly or one side separately to improve the travel capability of the road in construction site.

Main Technical Parameter

Item Unit  Parameter
Basic Working Width m 2
Max Working Width m 4.5
Max Paving Thickness mm 150
Paving Speed m/min 0~13
Traveling Speed km/h 0~13
Theoretical Productivity t/h 240
Hopper Capacity t 12
Gradient Ability % 20(paving shift)
Smoothness mm/3m 3
Slope Leveling Tolerance % 0.02
Crown Adjust % 0~3
Engine Type   4JR3G1(Shangchai)
Speed rpm 2200
Tank Capacity L 130
Rated Power kw 55
Weight t 10.5
Overall Dimension mm 5670*2070*3590

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