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QLY25B Wheel Crane-25ton capacity

QLY25B Wheel Crane-25ton capacity

QLY25B Wheel Crane-25ton capacity

QLY25B Harbor Wheel Crane
QLY25B Harbor Wheel Crane is the product that's technology comes from IHI Construction Machinery Ltd.of Japan,and manufactured under the license of IHI.It is a 25 t heavy duty mobile crane with fully hydraulic power drive, lattice boom and continuous 360o full circle swing,specially designed for harbor working conditions.
The crane equipped with a one-man cab mounted on the superstructure, and designed for high performance of crane operation, convenient controls, sturdy and durable.The lattice boom is modified acording to heavy duty operation and has a high stability and travel performance. All of the main components are imported, including engine,pumps,motors,valves,cluth,brakes and components of air circuit and electrical system.
Two variable displacement pumps and three gear pumps are driven by a water cooled six-cylinder diesel engine,providing hydraulic power for crane operation and control system.Hoist,derricking and swing are driven separately by its hydraulic motor through gear box.They can be operated independently or combined operation.The hoist winch is controlled by power fall or free fall to increase productivity.
The driven type of carrier is 4×2 with front axle as steering axle and rear axle as driving.A variable piston motor propels the rear axle through two-stage gear reducer,so the crane has a high gradeability.

QLY25B Harbor Wheel Crane Main Specifications

Max.rated capacity 25000 kg at 3.6 m
Boom Lattice type, high strength welding tube structure
Insert setions 3 or 6 m each to form six boom lengths from 9 to 24 m
Hoist winch Driven by fixed displacement axial piston motor through planetary gear box with power fall and free control
Line speed 105m/min(unload)
Wire diameter ∮20 mm
Swing system Single row ball bearing Swing with free/lock switch
Slewing speed Max.unloaded 3.8 rpm
Working speed With outriggers ≤ 2.0 rpm
Without outriggers ≤ 1.8 rpm
Derricking system 11s(9 m boom, unload , from 40o to 60o)
12s(radius 9 m to 3.6 m)
Wire diameter 16 mm
Boom support wire 28 mm
Hydraulic system Pilot control valve for combined hoisting, derricking and swing movement
Large hydraulic tank with oil cooling system
Outriggers H-type controlled in the crane cab
Speed Full extension 58 s Full retraction 40 s
Engine Model 6BTA5.9-C
Rated output 197 Ps at 2100 rpm
Max.torque 814 Nm at 1500 rpm
Manufaturer Cummins UK
Max.traveling speed 18km/h
Gradeability High speed 3o Low speed 14o
Min.turning radius 9m(at entral line of front outside steering wheel)
Braking distance ≤ 5.4 m (18 km/h)
G.V.W 30,900 kg (traveling position with 9 m boom and hook block Front axle 14,500kg Rear axle 16.400kg)
Max.ground pressure With outriggers 240 kN (at outrigger pad)
Without outriggers 163 kN (at dual-tyre)
Axle base 3.6m
Wheel span 2.4m
Dimensions 6.6×3.2×3.64 m (L×H×W)
Safety devices

Presure relieve valves, counter balance valves, check valves,reducing valves, sequence valves
Braking system: Air pressure regulator
Electric system: Fuses
Derricking: Boom overwinding cutout, boom back stops, safety latch
Hoist winch: Hoist overwinding cutout, safety latch
Automatic moment limiter Main unit in crane cab gives audible and visual warning of approach to overload. Automatically cuts out crane motions before overload.With working range
(load radius and /or tip height)limit function.Digital liquid crystal displayed:
Load moment in % Actual hook load Permissible load
Boom angle Actual working radius Boom length
Optional equipment Air condition, auxiliary winch, emergency steering, boom sections for 27 m and 30 m boom
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