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Jinma Tractors

Jinma Tractors

Jinma Tractors

Jinma tractors gauge cluster 

jinma tractors with cabin   JM164 With Italian Engine  JM244E Tractor With EEC  JM254 With New Hood(Fully-Closed)
 Gauge Cluster  Jinma Tractors With Cabin JM164 With Italian Engine    JM244E Tractor With EEC JM254 With New Hood(Fully-Closed)  

Jinma tractor is the most popular Chinese tractors for export. Jinma brand compact tractors were designed for small agricultural farms and is suitable for stables, orchards, vineyards, landscape and much more. The former Jinma compact tractors are available in 20 to 75 hp two wheel and four wheel drive, and now its supply range expend to 125hp. It is a line of compact tractors that offers a large drive force and low fuel consumption, at an considerable low cost.
Jinma Tractors has been manufactured since 1957. The Jinma brand compact tractor is sold under many other OEM brand names in the world like FarmPro,  Simcoe, Ag Pro,Ag-Boss, Agracat, Bison (Hayco), Bolton, CINA, Deljen, Emerybuilt, EuroTechnika, Farm Boss, Farm Champ, Farm Master, Farm Pro, Frontier, Gold Horse, Goldbull, Iron Horse, IZUKY, Janma, Jepe, Joshua Howard, Liberty, Lyntrac, McConnell-Marc, Minot, MKS, Monza, MTE, Nellie Belle, NorTrac, Onj, Rebel, Riata, RMT, Roland H, Romer, Sartrac, Shamrock, Siromer, Smith, Sparber, Sport Diesel, Stallion, Tangent, Task Master, Tex Trac, TOP,Toyama,Tractor King,TTC, Turf Boss, Turf Champ, Vari, Woodland,WorkHorse,WorkTrak, XG Power, and to name a few.
All Jinma tractors can come with single or two stage clutch, two speed power take-off, power steering or mechanic steering, front weights and rear wheel weights, foldable roll bar with canopy ro cabin, high/ low transmission, class 1 three point hitch and locking differential. Some models are EPA or EEC approved for America and Europe respectively.
Jinma LE Model for America includes: electrical cluster gauge, heavy duty switches for headlights, tail lights, combined signal lights etc., full lift hood gives easy access to engine and battery compartment, new style wrap around headlights, rear dual hydraulic hook-ups, stylish heavy duty round fiberglass fenders and EPA approved engines.
You can also find implements to work with Jinma tractor in our website like Jinma chipper, Jinma backhoe, and Jinma parts. Contact us to find the nearest Jinma dealer if you are enduser.
Since Mar 1, 2009, Jinma factory were merged with Indian Mahindra tractor company to order to make big growth in domestic sales.


Jinma Tractors with EEC Certificate
Jinma Tractors with engine power 100-125hp
Jinma Tractors with engine power 16-28hp
Jinma Tractors with engine power 30-35hp
Jinma Tractors with engine power 40-60hp
Jinma Tractors with engine power 70-80hp
Jinma Tractors with engine power 85-95hp