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Changfa Tractors

Changfa Tractors

Changfa Tractors

CF804 tractor With Front End Loader CF5000 tractor with Front end loader CF5504 tractor The Gauge For CF3000 Tractor CF3000 With ROPS & Canopy
CF804 tractor With Front End Loader   CF5000 tractor with Front end loader CF5504 tractor  The Gauge For CF3000 Tractor  CF3000 With ROPS & Canopy 


Changfa (CF),the largest and the most professional maunfacturer concentrate on producion diesel and gasoline power machinery in China, enjoy good reputation both in home and aboard,cooperating with many international Group in all over the world,such as Costco,AKSA etc. With R&D department, more than 30 laboratories, including let-out test lab,noise-liberation lab,etc.together we choose Bosch injector,NSK bearing,which ensure us to have a good basis of technological innovation and ensure entering into market with top-quality products.
Main Products:
Diesel and gasoline generators: from 2kw to 500kw
CF Wheeled tractors: from 25hp to 100hp
Diesel engiens: from 2hp to 60hp
Water pump: from 2 inches to 4 inches
CF Walking tractors
Other agricultural equipment
Turn over:800 million Year 2007
Total Employees:9,000 employees, including 500 engineers
Annual production:200,000 units
A strong distribution:Network present in more than 150 countries
Overseas subsidiary:In Dubai, USA, Brazil, Indonesia
History:20 years experience in designing and manufacturing


CF30 series Tractor(25hp-32hp)
CF3000 series Tractor(25hp-40hp) *Advanced Models
CF40 series Tractor(25hp-40hp)
CF50 series Tractor(45hp-60hp)
CF5000 series Tractor(45hp-60hp) *Advanced Models
CF80 series Tractor(65hp-90hp)