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CT60 Crawler Excavator

CT60 Crawler Excavator

CT60 Crawler Excavator

CT60 Crawler Excavator

American made engine cummins B3.3
Power 45kw/2200rpm
In conformity with the eu iii emission control regulations
Imported hydraulic system with dual pump and dual circuit, stable work performance
Guarantee for 3 yrs under normal use and maintenance
Imported hydraulic components, south korea made main pump, multi-circuit valve, swing motor, walking motor, japan made or south korea made gasoline tank
On-line digital monitoring and control system
Gps satellite position and remote diagnose system(optional)
Cold&warm air conditioner supply under different kinds of weather conditions
Light and handy pilot operating system
Steel pedrail

Operating weight :5.900 kg
Travel speed :4.0/2.5km/h
Bucket capacity: 0.20m3(sae)
Tracking force: 49.3kn
Engine power :45kw@2.200rpm
Gradeability: 30(58%)
Swing speed: 10rpm
Bucket digging force: 36.7 kn
Ground pressure: 34kpa
Arm digging force: 26.1kn

Boom length :3.050mm
Arm length :1.600 mm
Upperstructure width :1.785 mm
Undercarriage width :1.880 mm
Overall height with cabinet: 2.650 mm
Rear swing radius :1.700 mm
Clearance under counter weight: 780 mm
Tumbler distance :2.000 mm
Ground clearance :400 mm
Overall length for transportation :6.070 mm

Working range
Max digging radius: 6.245 mm
Max digging radius at ground lever: 6.100 mm
Max digging depth :3.875 mm
Max vertical wall digging depth :2.900 mm
Max digging height :5.785 mm
Max dumping height :4.095 mm
Max dozer cutting depth :595 mm
Max dozer lifting height: 300 mm

Hydraulic system
Main pump type axial piston pump & gear pump
Constant power variable dispacement with gear pump override control flow/pressure 55*2+35.6l/min @ 2.200 rpm / 21mpa
Pilot pump type gear pump
Flow/pressure 9.9 l/min @ 2.200 rpm / 3 mpa
Swing motor setting pressure 21mpa
Attachments over load pressure boom /arm /bucket 24.5 mpa

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