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CRS450ABZ5 Container Reach Stacker

CRS450ABZ5 Container Reach Stacker

CRS450ABZ5 Container Reach Stacker

The container reach stacker CRS450ABZ5 is specially designed for the international standard 20' and 40' container and the main purpose of these equipments are used to stack or carry the container in port and ground. Comparing with the standard forklifts, it features maneuverability, easy operation, better stability, lower tyre press, and high stage of stacking and high stacking efficiency. The straddling container work is especially suitable for operation of container in middle-smaller harbor, railway station and road station, it can also be used in the large container port as a assistant equipment.

The reach stacker CRS450ABZ5 consists of heavy-duty chassis, telescopic beam and hanging spreader. The chassis consists of engine, power-shift transmission, front axle, rear axle, steering system, cab, truck frame, counter balance, tyres etc. The telescopic beam consists of telescopic cylinder, beam up-down cylinder, beam support etc. The spreader consists of circumrotating structure, up frame, link frame, base frame, telescopic frame, telescopic cylinder, vibration-avoiding cylinder, side-shift cylinder twist lock cylinder etc.

CRS450ABZ5 The base specification:

Item Unit Data
Rated capacity Distance from 1st row 1900mm 5CRS   Kg 31000
4CRS 45000
3850mm 4CRS 31000
6350mm 3CRS 15000
Max lifting height mm 14850
Min ground clearance mm 400
Min turning radius mm 8200
Lifting speed (unload/load) mm/s 380/240
Lowering speed (unload/load) mm/s 300/250
  Traveling speed (Unload)   Forward /backward 1 shift   Km/h 4/4
2 shift 9/9
3 shift 16/16
4 shift 25/25
Max. gradient(unload/load) % 30/15
Brake distance Unload 20Km/h m <7
Load 20Km/h <3.5
Beam Max. Angle deg 60
Max. Spread mm 6800
Service weight Kg 73000
    Tyre Model Front   18.00-25-40PR
Rear 18.00-25-40PR
Air pres Front MPa 9.00
Rear 9.00
Engine Type   M11-C330
Manufacturer   CUMMINS
Displacement cc 10800
Rated output Kw/RPM 246/2100
Max. Torque N.m/RPM 1458/1300
  Transmission box Type   14.7HR36432 fixed shaft
Manufacturer   DANA
Shift type   APC72 Auto-electric control gear shift
Gear shift   Forward 4/back 4
  Speed ratio (F/R) 1st shift 5.814/5.814
2nd shift 2.422/2.422
3rd shift 1.379/1.379
4th shift 0.784/0.784
  Driving axle Manufacturer   KESSLER+CO
Model   D102 PL341/528-NLB8460
Speed ratio Total   26,35
Parking brake   Forcipated brake
Service brake   Oil-cooled multi-disc brake
        Spreader Model   817
Manufacturer   ELME
Max. capacity Kg 45000
Shift distance mm 800
Rotation ' +95/-185
Suitability   20"-40"international Standard heavy container
Steering Axle Type   Tran sward-cylinder axle
  Hydraulic system     Pump (PARKER) PAVC100B38R2A22 (PARKER) PAVC100B38R29A4A+GP2AND30AS
  Valve Initial valve  (PARKER) X104920
Main steering valve  (PARKER) M400LS-012
Balance valve set  (PARKER) 91217414
Electric system Working handle  (PARKER) IQAN-LL-4N5T
Control-indi module  (PARKER) IQAN-MDM
Length sensor  (PARKER) SL3010-PK1025MU/GS130
Angle sensor  (PARKER)530260 /414307
Presure sensor  (PARKER)5020003
others Include control module joint insert are all ELME (PARKER)

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