Construction Machinery
Agricultural Machinery
JM-240E/Jinma-240E Jinma Tractors4.0-5.0T J Series 4-W HC Electric ForkliftJM-200/Jinma-200 Jinma Tractors
1.0-1.8T R Series HC LPG ForkliftAgricultural machinery accessory14.0-16.0T R Series HC Diesel Forklift
TSRB Leveler3.0-3.5T R Series HC Diesel Forklift928 Wheel loader w/ rated capacity 2800kg
TS3ZT CultivatorQAY200 All Terrain Crane W. payload 200 ton9GB Lawn Mower
Wood Chipper1LY(SX) Reversible Disc PlowQUY450 Crawler Crane W. payload 450 ton
SCC7500 Crawler Crane w. Max. Lifting 750t1BJX Medium-mounted Disc HarrowQUY300 Crawler Crane W. payload 300 ton
SCC1500C Crawler Crane w. Max. Lifting 150t25m Mixed Boom Aerial Working Platform XHZ5082JGKQY130K Truck Crane W. payload 130 ton
ZL10B wheel loader with CE & 1000kg capacity9.5m Articulated Boom Aerial Working Platform XHZ5030JGKAQY65K Truck Crane W. payload 65 ton
YTO-X1004 Tractor w. Euro IIIA engineVehicle Carrying Scissor LiftsQY25K Truck Crane W. payload 25 ton
YTO 802RT Crawler Tractor w. engine power 58.82kwZDYT3-4.0/ZDYT3-4.5 Electric Aerial Order PickerQY20B Truck Crane W. payload 20 ton
Dongfeng DF-850 TractorQY16C Truck Crane W. payload 16 tonDongfeng DF-650 Tractor
SCZ35-4 TelehandlerDongfeng DF-400 TractorXT680-170 Telehandler
Dongfeng DF-304G TractorJC60 Skid Steer LoaderDongfeng DF-240 Tractor
CRS450ABZ5 Container Reach StackerFS250/FS280 TractorXR280 Drilling Rig
TS554 TractorXR160 Drilling RigTS354 Tractor
XT876 Backhoe LoaderCF5504 Tractor418 Motor Grader
CF850 TractorPY180C-2 Motor GraderCF720 Tractor
GH205 Motor GraderCF500 TractorGR300 Motor Grader
CF300 TractorSD16C BulldozerCF250A Tractor
SD16T BulldozerJS-754 TractorSD22S Bulldozer
YTO-1002 Tractor w. Engine power 74kwPD410Y BulldozerYTO-MG650 Tractor
PD320Y BulldozerYTO-X1004 TractorYTC306S-6A Bulldozer
YTO-X700 TractorYC08-8 Crawler ExcavatorYTO-MS284 Tractor
YC50-8 Crawler ExcavatorYTO-450 TractorYC135-8 Crawler Excavator
YTO-354 TractorYC25SR Crawler ExcavatorYTO-180 Tractor
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