Construction Machinery
Agricultural Machinery
SCC10000 Crawler Crane w. Max. Lifting 1000TXZ160A Horizontal Directional DrillSCC4000 Crawler Crane w. Max. Lifting 400t
XM101 Cold milling machineSCC2000C Crawler Crane w. Max. Lifting 200tXM200 Cold milling machine
SCC1000C Crawler Crane w. Lifting 100tYZ14JC Single-Drum Vibratory Road RollerZL16F wheel loader with CE & 1600kg capacity
YZ18JC Single-Drum Vibratory Road RollerZL08F wheel loader with CE & 800kg capacityXSM220 Single-Drum Vibratory Road Roller
QLY55 Wheel Crane-55ton capacityXSM202A Single-Drum Vibratory Road RollerYTO-804 Tractor w. Euro IIIA engine
YZC1 Self-propelled vibratory road rollerYTO 70T1 Crawler Tractor w. engine power 51.5kwYZC2.8 Self-propelled vibratory road roller
JM-654/Jinma-654 Jinma TractorsYZC4 Self-propelled vibratory road rollerDongfeng DF-904 Tractor
XS120 Single Drum Vibratory Road RollerDongfeng DF-804 TractorXS202 Vibratory Road Roller
Dongfeng DF-704 TractorXS261 Self-propelled Vibratory Road RollerDongfeng DF-604 Tractor
XS190A Single-Drum Vibratory Road RollerDongfeng DF-504 TractorLT210/LT212/LT214 Road Roller
Dongfeng DF-354 TractorLTD216H/LTD218H/LTD220H Road RollerDongfeng DF-300A Tractor
LTS212H/LT214/LTS214H Road RollerDongfeng DF-354G2 TractorLTS322H/LTS320H/LTS318H/LTS316H/LTS314H
Dongfeng DF-254 TractorLTD210H/LTD212H/LTD214H Road RollerDongfeng DF-200 Tractor
XD40 Double Drum Vibratory Road RollerFS284 TractorYZC10 Double-Drum Vibratory Road Roller
KM1004 TractorXD111 Double-Drum Vibratory Road Roller KM804/TS804 Tractor
XD131 Double-Drum Vibratory Road RollerTS500 TractorLTC6/LTC6D Road Roller
TS400 TractorLTC210/LTC208 Road RollerTS300 Tractor
YL20C Pneumatic Road RollerCF5604 TractorXP301 Pneumatic Road Roller
CF3404 TractorLTP2030H/LTP1826H/LTP1016H Road RollerCF900 Tractor
3Y18/21 Static Smooth-Drum Road RollerCF804 Tractor2YJ8/10B Static Smooth-Drum Road Roller
2YJ8/10 Static Smooth-Drum Road RollerCF654 Tractor2Y8x10C/2Y6x8C Road Roller
CF554 TractorLTJ2125/LTJ1821 Tri-three Wheel Static RollerCF454 Tractor
1.0-3.5T J Series 4-W HC Electric ForkliftCF354 Tractor1.0-1.8T R Series HC Gasoline Forklift
CF284 Tractor3.0-3.5T R Series HC Gasoline ForkliftCF300A Tractor
2.0-2.5T R Series HC LPG ForkliftJS-850 Tractor4.0-5.0T R Series HC LPG Forklift
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